What is the Difference between a Contested and an Uncontested Divorce?

Uncontested Contested Divorce

There are two kinds of divorces in New York State, contested and uncontested divorces. If one party does not appear in the divorce action or has appeared and has no objection, the action is uncontested. On the other hand, if the parties fail to agree on all issues and it is necessary to use the court to resolve them, the divorce will be labeled as contested. Even disputes over one issue, including the division of assets, allocation of debts, spousal maintenance, child support, or custody of children, will result in the divorce being contested. Uncontested divorces usually go through the court system more quickly, are not complicated, and are less expensive for the parties. In contested divorces, the judge assigned to your case will require detailed information to decide the issues you disagree about and will require numerous appearances at court.